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TIREC Ltd is a UK tyre recovery and recycling solutions company. We specialise in the collection, segregation, recycling & disposal of post consumer tyres. This is an integral part of the end of life tyre management process.

TIREC focuses on recycling worn tyres into products that can be used in other industries. These products include:

  • Tyre crumb
  • Tyre-derived fuel
  • Surface material for equestrian application
  • Tyre bales for the construction sector
  • Inspected secondary tyres for the export market
  • Steel extracted from tyres from the grinding process

TIREC Limited, incorporated in England, is independently owned and not affiliated with any tyre manufacturer, reseller or client group.

TIREC has recycled tyres manufactured globally and exports to Europe and Asia although its focus is the UK market.

TIREC is committed to green solutions and environmentally safe practices. Client satisfaction is foremost in our business.

Head Office

Unit 15 Lakeside Industrial Estate
Broadground Road, Reddith
West Mildlands, B98 8YP, UK


Contact us for a quotation or to discuss your requirements. | +44(0)845 388 3387